Most annoying session ever

Oh my God I want to punch someone in the face. Played a really long session tonight at 1/2, almost 3k hands, and finished up about a buyin and a half. But Jesus Christ it was annoying – I spent the whole time oscillating between being up two buyins and breaking even. I just couldn’t get anything going to save my life. Lost two set over sets (one of which was actually totally avoidable, but the other was fucking ridiculous), had big pairs run into completely random bigger pairs… basically I’m shocked I didn’t go on monkey tilt.

Damn it. It just felt like every time I thought I was about to go on a rush I lost some bizarre cooler. Ugh. Plus I also don’t think I played all that well – I did a really poor job of adjusting to a couple maniacs at my tables, and I made of few of my standard spewy calls. But I don’t think I played horribly, guess it was just one of those nights.


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